Project Overview

Design, implementation and operation support of taxi services portal and its content management system. TaxiYes! is an online mobile application, that brings drivers and passengers together around the world. Hosted on our servers, it contains easy-to-use app, website and administration console. Passengers get a taxi or licensed car in two quick taps, while drivers earn more money more efficiently. Available on iOS and Android, TaxiYes! is the app for booking taxis worldwide. It allows passengers to book and track taxi in real time and drivers to navigate throughout the trip safely and efficiently. We have added variety of amazing features and offerings like live on-trip chat/call, instant and pre-booked orders, social integration and favorite drivers, flexible payment schemes for passengers and drivers, full order history and personal inboxes, customizable settings and dashboards, 24/7 “no days off” dedicated support and many more. TaxiYes! is available in more than 10 cities, including Berlin, Moscow, Kiev, Tashkent, Baku, Chisinau and Madrid. Developed company logo, custom branding and corporate identity. Turnkey email engine and technical support included.